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Marine Solar Panel 30W/20V

Marine Solar Panel 30W/20V

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The Marine semi-flexible solar panel is specifically designed for use in extreme weather conditions. It uses double-sided ETFE surface material technology that features high salt spray and corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties and weather resistance.

  • Includes JB(HX021D), 3m/2*1.5mm²cable in front ETFE surface with eyelet
  • ETFE laminated outer film on both the front and back side of the panel
  • Higher conversion efficiency, up to 23% higher than other conventional panels
  • With optional MC4 connectors that facilitates both serial and parallel connection of multiple products
  • Lightweight, very thin, and easy to use and install
  • Slip resistant and can be walked on without any problems
  • Equipped with bypass diodes to avoid hot spot effects
  • 50% lighter than traditional solar panels
  • IP67 waterproof rating

Ideal for use on yachts, motorboats, and camping vans. This solar panel can be either glued or screwed into place for an easy installation. It does not hold a charge but produces power to charge a battery when exposed to sunlight.

Maximum Power 30W
Dimensions  350*610*4mm
Weight 1.35kg
Cell efficiency 22.42%
Solar Cell Mono
Surface Material ETFE
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