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AC/DC PowerBox 12.8V 160A (2,085W)

AC/DC PowerBox 12.8V 160A (2,085W)

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Powerful enough to provide emergency backup to home circuits, yet portable enough to take power with you wherever you go. With 2,085 Watt Hours, and multiple port options you can power everything from power tools and home appliances to electronic gadgets and camping gear. 

  • Built-in 1000W AC pure sinewave inverter with UK socket supports 220V output that can provide power to equipment or appliances up to 1000W.
  • Portable, both easy to carry and install and housed in a durable ABS casing.
  • Safe, clean power with a 12.8V 160A (2,085W) lithium-ion battery at its core.
  • Multi-function display control to know the status of battery and power supply.
  • Power a range of devices with versatile port options including four 50A Anderson DC outputs/inputs, dual 2.1A USB outlets, two 10A cigarette outlets, one 220V AC interface output and one 175A Anderson connector for connecting jump start cable or external inverter up to 2,000W.
  • Strong hold-down straps allow you to secure the battery in place, anywhere.
  • Built in DCDC charger for charging from vehicle battery, and solar charge controller.
  • Included ACDC adaptor for charging from household utility power.
  • Dimensions: 455 (l) x 240 (w) x 330mm (h)
  • Nett Weight: approx. 25kg

There are multiple ways to charge your Sola Sola PowerBox. Plug into a municipal AC wall socket at home, in your car while you're mobile or from the sun with our portable solar panels once you've set up camp.

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